Refresher training

If you have canvassed with us before, here is how to get ready for your next canvass:

  • Before the canvass, review the ideas on the home page and the single payer FAQ to refresh your memory.
  • Don’t forget to bring a clipboard (if you have one) and a pen to the canvass
  • If you have your canvass documents from your last canvass (the FAQ page, decision tree, etc), bring those. But if you can’t find them, a trainer can give you another copy.
  • Show up for the last 30 minutes of training (so arrive 1 hour 30 minutes after the brand new canvassers arrive). Your refresher training is self directed–you do not need to check in with the trainer. Pair up with the other canvassers arriving and take turns pretending to be the canvasser and the neighbor. You should each practice three scenarios (it is OK to say “let’s do #3 next”; you don’t have to surprise your partner):
    1. The neighbor is totally clueless (doesn’t know what Medicare is; doesn’t have any idea how legislation is passed)
    2. The neighbor has temperature of 10 but is (a) skeptical that single payer can pass and (b) thus believes it’s not worthwhile to volunteer.
    3. The neighbor has a low temperature and should raise an objection based on the FAQ (eg, “1 out of 10 because it will cause rationing of care”; “It would be too expensive and we don’t need any new taxes”; “I don’t think the government should be involved in healthcare”; etc). The person pretending to be the canvasser should not know which item on the FAQ their partner will use.
  • Offer your partner helpful feedback so you can both get better
  • Thank your partner
  • Check in with the trainer once the full training has ended. The trainer might pair you with someone who has less experience.