How to host a canvass

[Here is the host checklist and the trainer/organizer checklist]


If you and some friends want to bring the fight for single payer to your neighborhood, here’s what you should do:

Step 1: Let us know you want to host

We will help you find a trainer for your canvass.

Step 2: Choose an HQ

The HQ should be located in a residential area with plenty of doors to knock on. Usually, the HQ is the host’s living room, but it could be in a cafe, restaurant, or library. We usually use living rooms so that we can buy frozen pizzas and bake them in the kitchen during the debrief. But we have had canvasses were we returned to the training location (a library) and had pizza delivered. Here is a typical canvass schedule:

  • 1pm-3pm: Training
  • 3pm: Assemble. Canvassing starts
  • 4:15pm: Last door knock; make your way back to training location
  • 4:30-5pm: Debrief and pizza

The HQ is only used for the underlined portions. After the training, the trainer will assign each canvasser blocks around the HQ. All the canvassers carpool to the HQ and are told to return for the debrief.

All of the announcements will include the address of the training, NOT the HQ. The HQ address will not be shared with anyone except the people who show up to the canvass.

Step 3: Choose a location for training

We have found that libraries work great for trainings, but any spare room anyplace will do. We have used living rooms for trainings. There is no need for any computer, powerpoint, multimedia, etc. All that’s really needed is enough chairs for everyone.

Step 4: Choose a date/time

Once you have a location, find a Saturday or Sunday to canvass when people are likely to be home. Try to avoid dates with important community activities where people might be out and about. This is Wisconsin, so make sure it doesn’t overlap with a Packers game.



You can do this!

Any questions? Just ask! We won’t win single payer without talking to as many people as possible. Everyone is frustrated with our health care system, and most people are glad to have someone ask for their opinions. Your canvass is going to go great!