Checklist for canvass hosts

This page is a checklist for the week leading up to the canvass. If you are interested in hosting, you’re on the wrong page: you want this page.

Here are the things each canvass absolutely must have:

  • One copy of the canvasser materials for every participant, plus a few extras. Your trainer should send you a copy of the most up-to-date copy.
  • A few extra pens
  • One copy of the trainer materials for every trainer
  • At least 10 leave-behind business cards for every canvasser
  • Food. The whole process takes 5 hours, so canvassers will either have to eat during training or (preferably) during the debrief. Frozen pizzas are a great option.

You and your trainer should figure out who is responsible for what. Generally, the host is responsible for the printed canvasser materials, pens, and frozen pizzas; the trainer is responsible for the printed trainer materials and the leave-behind business cards.

Here are some optional items:

  • Extra clipboards (or folders)
  • After party: have a destination in mind (a bar or restaurant) for people to meet up afterwards for fun.