Write a letter to your elected officials

Surveys of Congressional staff have found that handwritten letters sent in by good old fashioned USPS snail mail are taken very seriously by elected officials.

It doesn’t take much time and can make a big difference.

Your letter will be strongest if you include a personal story. Here’s a sample of what your letter could look like:

Dear Representative ___,

Like nearly all Americans people I care about have struggled with health care. For example, my uncle went for ten years in need of a knee replacement. Even when he had health insurance, the insurer would not pay for it no matter how much pain he was in.

Please support Medicare for All because people like my uncle deserve better.

Sincerely, your constituent,

[sign your name]

See? So short! So easy! But so powerful!

Here in Milwaukee, we’re working on Representative Moore, who recently reversed her decision to support Medicare for All. Here’s how to get her:

Representative Gwen Moore
2252 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

And her phone number is: 202-225-4572